During a campaign, a character may find items that they want to keep with them. These items can be absolutely anything ranging from a pebble picked up from the ground to a glorious set of magical armor recovered from a dungeon.

When a player collects such items, they may either equip it or place it in their inventory. The character can then decide to equip, consume, salvage, or just hold onto the item until a use presents itself or they decide to discard the item.

The application allows you to select an item slot and create the item their character has acquired by filling out its own card.

A character may also pick up a rudimentary item and place it directly in their components case for later use.


Each item has an image to represent itself. this is used for reference and is what can be seen in an inventory slot.


An item can be given a name of it's own for quick reference and brief description.


Some items will actually modify the character’s stats when possessed. By adding values to an item’s modifiers, the player’s corresponding stats are affected. These modifiers can be negative or positive.


This will denote whether or not the item must be equipped for it’s effects to work. If the item is set to passive, it will give the player all its effects weather the player has it equipped or in their inventory. If it is set to active, it will only produce the effects while equipped.


A list of rudimentary items used to create an item or acquired when the item is salvaged.