Pocket Bite is an easy to learn, storytelling, multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) based off a simplified table top format that accommodates for as few as two players and as many as desired. The heart of the game lives in the imagination of the storytellers but the digital application encompasses everything players might want to keep track of during their Pocket Bite campaign such as character statistics, notes, and dice rolls. Here you will find everything you need to begin your own Pocket Bite RPG adventure.


Beginning a campaign involves one person acting as the Game Master (GM) while one or more other people play individual characters. It is the GM's role to create a fictional world for the other players to inhabit as the characters they have created. During a campaign, while not completely necessary, there is a common objective the characters will want to pursue. It is up to the GM to stand in as the non player characters (NPC) and describe the settings and obstacles the character's interact with along the way.

Everything you need to start playing Pocket Bite is here on this site from the game rules to a library of pre-created items, spells, characters, and so on that you can use in your campaigns and while creating characters.

To begin, use the tabs at the top of the page or click the arrows below to navigate between sections. Once you have an understanding for the rules, grab some companions and begin!


The application makes campaigning a much simpler and approachable experience, leaving more room for the imagination and storytelling. Much of what might have been kept track of on paper is now all logged and represented through interactive cards in the application. Anything from the character cards to the campaign itself are all saved and easily accessible through the application’s comprehensive interface.

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